How to Improve Your Real Estate Photos

Real Estate Photo of a Luxury Home.

Ways to Create Real Estate Photos That Wow Buyers

Over half of home buyers are using the internet to look at potential homes in the areas they want to live. With millennials becoming the primary age group seeking to buy, that number will continue to rise. Thousands of listings on popular sites like Zillow are creating a lot of noise in the housing market. Make sure your property stands out with great real estate photos.

You can improve your real estate photos by doing the following:

  • Get a decent camera. This is the number one thing that will set your real estate photos apart from others. All pictures, no matter the subject, look better on a DSLR camera. For real estate photography, use a wide angle lens. It’s usually sold separately from the camera but worth the investment.

Before and after shot using a wide angle camera.

  • Prep the home. Spend time prepping the house before taking pictures. If you plan for an all-day shoot, then you can wait until that day; otherwise, you need to prep the day before. Clear off surfaces, rearrange furniture to maximize the space of the room. Add a pop of color with a beautiful floral display. Take a few test shots and check them for things that may need to be fixed. Example: In the bathroom, the toilet seat should be down; all the light bulbs should match, the plunger should be stored in a closet and not beside the toilet.
  • Emphasize the best features in each room. A fireplace, a reading nook, large built-in bookshelves can all be unique features that buyers will love. Also, only post the best pictures. If the basement needs repair, you could leave that photo out, and the agent can list it in the description.
  • Weather and time of day matters. Avoid taking real estate photographs after a storm or when it has rained hard. The ground will be wet; there may be puddles in the driveway. You want to photograph the home when it looks it’s best. However, if you can take a photograph of a house after it snows, that would be a photo to share. Some photographers refer to dusk as the “magic hour.” It’s the time of day that you can usually get the best shots.
  • Use editing software with care. Using editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom is a way to bring the light back to a photograph that may be a little too dark. You can play with the composition by manipulating the shades of green, magenta and blue. Never add features that are not there like a fireplace to a bare living room or an ocean view out of a window. You have to act ethically when selling your house.
  • Take a course. If you are looking to really enhance your skills as a real estate photographer, look for a course you can take that will help you grow your skills.
  • Check out the competition. Look at the houses around your area that are for sale. Check them out online. What do their photos look like? Can you take better shots of your house? This exercise is a great way to compete with yourself to do your very best work.

Real estate photos can be tricky. They are still one of the best marketing tools available to you to sell your home. The better the shot, the more likely your house will sell and for closer to full asking price. Need help with virtual staging? Contact us today to learn more about our realistic virtual staging packages.

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