5 Sizzling Summer Design Trends


Summer is nearly here and it’s time to get ready to heat things up!  So why not update your interior living spaces so they can reflect the season’s playful and relaxed mood.  Check out these 5 sizzling home design trends for summer to get you started with style!

Bright White

All-white color palettes are popular for summer, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. White walls, counters, and accents create a bright, open feel. Furnish bright white rooms with light, easy furniture and fixtures like acrylic and metal to really open up the space.

Bold Furniture

You may decide that all-white isn’t for you, but you don’t have to forgo the benefits of white entirely. Use crisp white paint for the walls, and instead, opt for bold color furniture and accents in tertiary colors. Some of the most popular tertiary colors for summer are magenta, violet, amber, teal/aqua, and lime green.

Playful Sculptures

Add personality to your home with playful sculptures that speak to your own personality. Think whimsical, unusual, and outside the box when it comes to sculptures. Choose pieces that represent you, your style, and your home rather than traditional matched pieces.

Painted Tile

One of the hottest trends hitting the home decorating scene right now is painted concrete tiles. The designs range from basic patterns to intricate details, and are accessible to practically every budget. Painted tiles also are suitable for a variety of design schemes, including modern or vintage.

Color Pops

Another popular design element this season is small-yet-bold pops of color. In otherwise muted or neutral rooms, add one small pop of bold, brilliant color, such as an accent chair, painting, throw pillows, or accent rug.

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