5 Decorating Ideas for a Bold Rich Color


Decorating Ideas using the Color Red

Red is a strong color, and one that many people shy away from fearing too bold a statement. Numerous shades of red provide a bold, rich statement to any room. Paint, furnishings, lamps, curtains, even wallpaper can be interesting and eye catching in red. The key to successfully decorating with red is knowing how to use the color in the desired room. Read on for our five decorating ideas that will help you know exactly which red is for you.

1. Where to Use Red. Red is such a vibrant color that it is not limited to one room. Depending on the shade, however, red may be more suitable for some rooms over others. Using red in unexpected rooms, such as a library or bathroom, creates an eye catching boldness that livens up the space.

2. How to Use Red. Using red successfully depends on the overall goal for the vibe of the room. Modern inspired rooms may include bright red furniture or candy-striped red wallpaper. More subtle inspired rooms may include a single piece of bright red furniture, or varying shades of red as accessories.

3. Why Does Red Work? Red can be incorporated into almost any home or design. Red creates a dramatic, expensive feel to a room, and can be highlighted or downplayed as an accessory. Red also is a gender neutral color, so it is applicable for most any space.

4. What Works with Red? Red is a color that complements several others, including royal blue, black, green, white, and metal textures. To avoid a patriotic tone to the room, be mindful of mixing red, white, and blue fabrics together. To make a dramatic statement, complement red with white furnishings, stripes, or lamps.

5. Red Has a Downside. Even though red is applicable to many rooms and many functions, there are a few downsides to using red. One of the downsides of red is that overuse in a single room can create a busy, uncomfortable environment. Red should be used in moderation, or in varying shades that do not overwhelm the room. Red can also make small rooms appear smaller because it is so rich. Be mindful of the complements and accessories used to increase visual space.

While red is often attributed to the holiday season, many people enjoy creating a vibrant, rich atmosphere that will last for all seasons. Use these five decorating ideas to find the right red for your home.

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