Fresh Ideas To Turn A Bathroom Into A Spa


Indulge in these Creative Ways to Transform A Bathroom into A Spa!

De-stress at home and create an ideal sanctuary in the bathroom with simple and chic decorating and staging ideas that are budget friendly.  With a little work and creativity, even the most ordinary bathroom can be transformed into a serene and comforting spa-style room.  Not sure where to begin?  Here are 7 Creative Ways To Get Started!

1.) Deep Clean –  Nothing is as distracting to potential buyers as dirt in the bathroom! Get all those nooks and crannies sparkling clean.  An old toothbrush is perfect for getting in those tiny spots.

2.) Arrange a “Trayscape” – Stow away all personal toiletry items that are expired or rarely used when it comes to staging the bathroom.  Remove the clutter and replace with a translucent or mirrored tray to evoke tranquility.  Place one pretty soap dish with a decorative item and a small potted plant on it.  A rule of thumb: odd numbers of items are generally more pleasing to the eye than even ones.

3.) Towel Display – Time to get rid of those dingy, mismatched towels that were purchased years ago.  Replace with soft, white, fluffy ones and display them with panache.  Create nicely folded stacks on open shelving or fold in half twice and roll tightly and place in a woven basket.  Add a plush bathroom mat to boot!

4.) Soften Lighting – No windows in the bathroom? Choose compact fluorescent bulbs in “daylight” or “sunlight” versions.  Installing a dimmer is also an ideal option and is a simple DIY project and takes just 5 minutes!

5.) Paint Color – Think of tranquil hues that are echoed in nature for that “spa” like feel when decorating or staging the bathroom.  A soothing color will emit a more calming effect.

6.) Showcase A Stem – A large vase of flowers would be ideal but can be costly to change out daily.  Clean and simple always works best when staging the bathroom.  A single flower in a bud vase or one potted orchid is classic. Give the orchid a handful of ice cubes once a week and it can live for 6 months!

7.) Inspirational Art –  To create a relaxing environment, pick a beautiful picture or painting and hang it on the wall.  The bathroom will be more of a retreat with something beautiful staring back at you.

Once the transformation is complete an oasis comes to life!  So fill the tub, light some candles and sit back and enjoy the warmth, relaxation and luxury of your new spa style bathroom!


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