Top 5 Tips for Home Staging with Window Treatments

5 Ways to Keep Window Treatments Simple When Staging A Home!

Spring is the perfect time of the year to put a home on the market for sale.  It is also the best time to to open up those windows and let the sun shine in because lighting is crucial when it comes to staging a home.  Window treatments should be kept simple and allow lots of light in in order to brighten up a room.  Lighting has the power to make a room feel brighter and therefore appear much larger.  Here are 5 Ways to Keep Window Treatments Simple & Brighten Up a Room!…

1.) Hardware. We suggest using skinny hardware, in other words a thin rod with tiny rings is really all that is necessary.  Large thick rods with big thick rings gives off a dated look.  Heavy cornices and valances are a design style of the past and should be removed from windows.  In fact, when it comes to home staging less is always best and a clean lines appearance is what buyers want to see – no distractions.  The more window and light you bring in the more spacious the room appears!

2.) Sheers. Translucent shades or sheers are better than blackout or opaque.  Sheers can be used alone and the best part is they eliminate glare while maintaining a sens of openness.  They are a great way to have some privacy but also allow valuable natural light into a living space.

3.) Pre-Packaged. It is easy to find pre-packaged curtain panels in all sizes, styles and colors.  But when it comes to staging a home purchase neutral tones.  Stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and Pier 1 have a great selection of attractive window treatments and an assortment of small rings to use for hanging.  Cream or white roman shades are also a good choice and feel free to add a dash of color with pretty ribbon trim that can be sewn or glued onto the shade.  This is an easy DIY project and is budget friendly!

4.) Patterns & Texture. Patterned curtains are not suggested for staging a room in a home but if it is necessary keep it to one color like a subtle stripe or wavy design. Florals and wild animal type prints are a definate no, no!  Textures can also be visually interesting but again don’t go overboard.  We suggest a neutral color linen drape rather than a plain cotton.

5.) Appearance. Window treatments need to portray a clean lines look.  Their purpose is to allow light into a room and make a living space feel more warm and inviting to potential buyers.  For low ceiling rooms we suggest hanging drapes all the way up to the ceiling on either side of a window frame which will make windows seem larger and visually make ceilings appear taller.  Window treatments overall can instantly change the look and feel of a room.

When it comes to staging a home be sure to maximize the natural light in every room unless a particular room has a truly awful view that you are trying to hide.   That means drawing blinds and shades up and pushing curtains or drapes to the sides to let more natural light into a living space.  Keep in mind that one of the most important things a buyer will be looking for in a home is how much natural light is apparent in various rooms!  *photo provided by R. Hinote, Agent.  Staging done by No Vacancy

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