Best Home Staging using Green Plants

Simple Ways to Effectively Use Green Plants to Stage a Home – Real or Fake!

When home staging, virtual staging, or decorating a home, one important element that will instantly add life and a feeling of hominess to a living space is the presence of something green.  Real or Fake!  Some greenery like ivy and ferns can look too country but a few large leaves or tall flowers and sticks in a simple glass vase can be very modern and give a room an updated look.  Don’t have a green thumb?  Use high quality made silk trees and plants which appear very real and will add some attractive green to any room.  Here are 5 Ways to Effectively Use Green Plants in a Home

1.) Let’s Go Shopping. When shopping for a tree, the taller the better and be sure it’s not too wide.  A tall narrow tree will make a living space feel bigger, anything thick with oversized leaves will quickly eat up square footage.  Keep in mind when staging a home it is best to show the greatest amount of space and greenery should act as an decorative piece not as another piece of furnture!

2.) Placement.  Trees that have tall skinny trunks and small foliage are ideal to add height and warmth to a room.  We suggest walking into a space and see if there is any empty corner on the opposite side of the room.

3.) Get Real.  Not all greenery in a room  has to be big.  Even the smallest little plant on a side table can have big impact.  A few small plants spread throughout a living space is ideal instead of all together in one bunch.  We suggest an orchid on a table in an entry way or on a dresser in a bedroom.  A small green plant on end tables on each side of a couch are just enough for staging a living space.

4.)  Go Modern. Another option for a dash of green in a room is to go for a more clean and modern look.  Fill a glass bowl or clear glass cylindar vase with small or lage size green moss-covered decorative balls.  They are so chic and contemporary and give just the right amount of green.

5.) Twigs & Sticks. A grouping of tall sticks or twigs from outdoor trees that are blossoming in a tall glass vase or planter may not be green but will give the same visual effect of an attractive decorative piece.  Again, taller the better in a corner of a room which will make your living space feel larger.

A small amount of greenery is a great way to also bring the outdoors in when home or virtual staging a home no matter what the weather may be outside.  It is a simple and low cost decorative piece that can add the perfect cozy touch to make potential buyers feel at home!

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