Low Budget Home Staging With Hints of Color

Stage Living Spaces With Low-Budget Hints of Color!

It is always best to neutralize a home when staging it for sale.   How do you complete the home staging and bring hints of color back in?  This can be achieved in simple and inexpensive accent pieces that will make a big impression on potential buyers viewing the home.  Here are 5 Low-Budget Items for Traditional or Virtual Staging Living Spaces with Color…

1.) Vases.  These are inexpensive decor items for staging a home.  One or two on a shelf or as a centerpiece with flowers.  A grouping on one side of a fireplace or in the corner of a long kitchen countertop works well.  These pieces are easy to replace if you want a new color scheme.

2.) Throw Blankets. A great decorative item that brings a hint of coziness when staging a room.  Laying one at the end of a bed or over a couch adds just enough spice to neutral furnishings.

3.) Fresh Flowers.  Purchase a bunch and place in a clear vase as a centerpiece on a coffee table.  A quick and easy picture perfect solution when staging your home!

4.) Picture Frames. Create contrast with picture frames for artwork NOT for personal photos when staging a home.  Use dark wood or black frames for artwork on light colored walls and use white, silver or light wood frames on dark painted walls.  Artwork should pop off the wall and capture attention not get lost!

5.) Pillows. Create a focal point when staging a room by placing a colorful pillow on a bed or stack two by a fireplace.  These decorative items come in all sizes and they can steal the show in a room when dressed in silk, sequence or embroidered with color designs!

These low-cost accent pieces are simple ways to bring warm and inviting into your home once you have neutralized wall colors and cleared away the clutter from staging.  Complete the look and remember to to use home staging to emphasize your homes features with quick hints of color that achieve big results!

What Our Clients Say

“I only post virtually staged photos by VSP for my vacant listings and it is an excellent service instead of having blank rooms for buyers to view online.”

MARTHA MAY, Realtor | Koenig & Strey – Illinois

“After posting the virtually staged photos I saw an increase in showings and we got my vacant listing under contract in less than 14 days! “

PAUL HERRICK, Realtor | Keller Williams Realty – Massachusetts

“The photos were beautiful and certainly gave life to my vacant listing and within the first week after posting the photos and the listing online, we got 4 offers and a full price offer was accepted.  Thank You!”

ANNMARIE DEL FRANCO, Agent | Blackstone Properties of CT – Connecticut

“You all did a phenomenal job on these virtual staging photos!  Really, I can’t say enough how much I love them.  They are absolutely stunning and my clients are thrilled!”

SHEILA SALVITTI, Agent | Coldwell Banker Premier Properties – Pennsylvania

“I was thrilled with our virtual photos cause we got an offer just 5 days after posting the photos online!”

PEGGY RYAN-LANIGAN, Realtor | Lyon Real Estate – California