6 Easy Steps to Give Bookcases A Staging Makeover!


Bookcases In A Living Space Are Not Just For Books!

Bookcases should be organized and neat when staging your home.  Simply select smaller groupings of books to display as not every shelf has to be full.  Choose only a few decorative items to keep on the shelves and pack away the rest.  Create an appealing display and most importantly remove all personal pictures.  Now its time to reorganize and update your shelving in these 6 Easy Steps to Give Bookcases A Staging Makeover!

1.) Add some art. Art isn’t just for walls.  Hang small artworks from the shelves themselves when staging your bookcases.  They can be easily removed for access to your books.  Ladders are also a great staging piece.  Prop them against one side of a bookshelf and hang magazines on them horizontally!

2.) Add contrast.  Paint builtins with a shade that is different from the wall color of the living space.  This will draw attention to your items displayed on the shelf and add “wow” factor.  Painting the whole shelf or just painting the backs of the shelving works just as well.

3.) Organize in style.  Attractive patterned or colored boxes are great staging items to display on bookshelves.  They keep the less pretty items out of sight but organized in style.  They can be displayed alone or several stacked on top of each other.

4.) It’s a wrap! Get creative when staging your bookcases by wrapping books with decorative jackets.  This adds color especially to neutral painted bookcases.  Wrap books in one solid color for a clean and simple approach that portrays a unified look.

5.) Brighten it up.  For an unexpected twist, go for lining the backs of bookcases with wallpaper.  A map print on a white background is visually interesting for an office for example.  A light pattern or textured wallpaper is perfect to break up the heaviness of dark wooden bookshelves.  Adding contrast is key when staging a home.

6.) A Happy Ending. Attractive bookends are ideal to keep books upright while adding personality. Can’t part with your pottery or paper weight collection? Simply select a few favorites.  Place them like a bookend but propped on a stack of books.  Your pieces will be displayed as works of art!

Traditional or Virtual Staging your shelving will beautify your living spaces.  Your bookcases will become stylish and attract interest in your home.  Forego using them as a storage unit by following these simple steps and take them from cluttered to curated!

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