How to use Home Staging for Curb Appeal

7 Quick and Easy Steps to Add Wow Factor To Your Front Steps!

Home sales may be rising and falling nationwide but one thing remains the same when it comes to preparing and staging a home for sale, it MUST look its best!  Decluttering, painting walls neutral colors and professionally cleaning a home on the inside is important but don’t forget the exterior maintenance of a home.  The exterior of your home should make use of home staging or virtual staging techniques as well. The outside of a home is the first thing a buyer will be viewing when driving by or previewing your home for sale.  Curb appeal is crucial and that first impression is what counts to drive buyer traffic and get an offer.  Here are 7 Quick & Easy Ways to Add Wow Factor At Your Front Door

1.) Pressure Washing.  Dirt and debris builds up throughout the seasons on windows, walkways and front steps.  Take a pressure hose or hire a professional to pressure wash the exterior of a home.  A dirty and dull facade is not curb appealing.  A house needs to be clean not only inside but outside too when staging a home for sale!

2.) Planting Flowers.  Spruce up and add color to a front porch or even around a mailbox.  Repotting old flowers with fresh and brightly colored new ones to add color to the landscaping is ideal.  Place containers of flowers by the front door and then step back to the street and see where else around the home that a dash of color may be desperately needed!

3.) Landscaping.  Freshening up the lawn is just like staging the inside of a home by placing new mulch or pine straw around bushes and trees will achieve the impression of a well maintained home.  Buyers want to see a vibrant landscape that is inviting.

4.) Painting. It may not be necessary to paint the entire exterior of a home.  Refresh the appearance in no time by simply touching up the trim around windows and doors and don’t forget about railings and banisters.

5.) Furnishing the Exterior.  Staging a home also occurs on the front porch or back deck.  It is easy and inexpensive to repaint wood chairs or even metal furniture sets to give new life to these living spaces.

6.) Updating.  Replace dungy hardware on a front door, house numbers and tarnished light fixtures.  It may be as simple as polishing these fixutres but replacing them with new ones if necessary won’t break the bank.  Make sure those house numbers stand out on the mailbox or on the home so buyers and agents can find the home easily!

7.) Replacing.  It may require a bit more work but it is a minimal investment when it comes to replacing gutters and downspouts.  Quickly replacing these will add instant sparkle to a home which is key when staging it for sale!

Applying these easy steps to stage the exterior of a home is key while creating a warm and welcoming invitation to buyers to come view the home.  Make those first impressions count before they enter the front door!

What Our Clients Say

“I only post virtually staged photos by VSP for my vacant listings and it is an excellent service instead of having blank rooms for buyers to view online.”

MARTHA MAY, Realtor | Koenig & Strey – Illinois

“My vacant property listing sat for about 3 weeks on the market and after posting the virtual photos by Virtually Staging Properties, I saw a 50% increase in buyer traffic and we got an offer just 1 day later.  The buyer’s agent thought virtual staging was a great idea and was going to consider using it for their vacant listings.”

TARIQ THOMAS, Agent | Thomas Holding Group – Pennsylvania

“The unfurnished townhome we had listed had been on the market for 4 months until we decided to engage in virtual staging.  I had the townhome professionally photographed and then had the photos virtually staged and they were so realistic.  We had a binding contract within 2 weeks after posting the virtual photos!”

ERIC BROOKS, Realtor | Wydler Brooks Real Estate – Virginia

“The photos were beautiful and certainly gave life to my vacant listing and within the first week after posting the photos and the listing online, we got 4 offers and a full price offer was accepted.  Thank You!”

ANNMARIE DEL FRANCO, Agent | Blackstone Properties of CT – Connecticut

“Love the photos! I will be your most devoted client!  Thank You!!!”

PAMELA BELLLAH, Managing Broker | John L. Scott Real Estate – Washington