10 Best Staging – Cleaning Tips for Outdoor Spaces

Spring-Cleaning Tips When Staging the Front Porch or Back Deck of a Home!

Spring is the best time of year to be placing a home on the market for sale.  Staging the front porch of a home is very important since it is the first impression a buyer will get.  The exterior of your home should be clean and present to a buyer that this is a well kept home.  It must capture a buyers attention and say welcome come get cozy here on the front porch or the back deck.  Here are 10 Spring Home Staging & Cleaning Tips for Outdoor Spaces…

1.) Stains on concrete.  Pressure washing is ideal but if your going DIY then we suggest bleach, warm water and an environmentally safe cleaner solution and degrime the stains by leaving the mixture on for about 15 minutes.  Then scrub with a stiff boom and rinse thoroughly!

2.) Teak.  Pressure washing is suggested on a day that is sunny.  This will allow the back deck to dry completeley and then apply a teak sealer for added protection so you decks will look almost new!

3.) Steps and Siding.  Tackle and remove the dirt and mildew that builds up over time through the seasons.  Watch out when pressure washing these areas especially around tiled spots.  The pressure of the water will loosen them from the force.  These should be sparkling clean so buyers know they are going to view a well-kept home!

4.) Wrought Iron.  Remove algae buildup on wrought iron railings with a brush and a strong disinfectant.  The cleaning of all the exterior of your home is key when staging a home for sale!

5.) Wood and Wicker.  Clean and repaint these furnishings so they look new.  Use a soft brush and some mild dish soap  when cleaning as anything harsher would damage the surface .  Spray painting a simple black will add some pop against a home that has a white or brick exterior or go for a fun color to add some pop to your front porch!

6.) Powder-Coated Aluminum Furniture.  Beware of the finish of this furniture and DON’T scrub!  Use a soft kitchen sponge and mild soapy water as this will protect the finish so it doesn’t wear off.

7.) Concrete Patios.  Degrime and use the same solution for stains on concrete minus the bleach when pressure washing.

8.) Outdoor Light Fixtures.  Be sure when preparing and staging the exterior of your home that all your outdoor fixtures are working and have been cleaned and repaired.  We suggest cleaning them with a soft, damp microfiber cloth. Avoid chemical cleaners that may leave a filmy coating.

9.) Umbrellas.  These are perfect for back decks with furnishings but they too can get dirty and mildewy.  Use warm water and an environmentally safe cleaner to rinse the mildew away and leave open to dry!

10.) Outdoor cushions.  Make sure these look clean and fresh when staging living spaces with patio style furnishings and add some color with decorative outdoor pillows.  Place an outdoor rug that can be cleaned easily with pressure washing underneath your furnishings to create a cozy and intimate setting.  Use a simple mixture once again of water and mild dish soap and layout to dry in the sun!

Buyers should be engaged when viewing a home for sale right when they pull up to the curb.  As they view the exterior and make their way to the front door buyers should not be distracted by an unkept home and start to wander off looking at the neighbors house.  The exterior and patio furnishings should be clean and colorful along with pots of fresh flowers to add color and keep with the outdoorsy appeal!

Don’t forget that Virtual Staging can be used for outdoor spaces as well!

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