Decorating Ideas for Back to School and Back to Business

10 Decorating Ideas for Home Office

Function and Flow

Millions of Americans work from home and require some form of home office. Back to school season is a great time to update the home office and improve its form and function. That means creating a space that is functional when the kids are at school, but also flows into the rest of the home after work hours. Here are 10 tips for how to design a room that is both functional and in tune with the rest of the home:

  1. Location. The location of the home office is central to creating a functional space that will also flow with the rest of the home. Large laundry rooms, finished garage space, or an extra den or bedroom can provide plenty of options for organization and design.
  2. Texture. Avoid using hard surfaces that will make a home office feel like an industrial space. Wood grains offer a warm, inviting aesthetic and plenty of options for mixing and matching textures.
  3. Express Yourself. One of the best ways to improve a home office is by incorporating personal touches. Bold colors, trendy office accessories, or well placed fresh flowers can make any home office feel like home.
  4. Wall Drama. Instead of hanging photos in frames and tacking memos on a corkboard, make one wall of the home office a dramatic bulletin board with a collage of photos, memos, and interesting design elements.
  5. Curtains. Curtains have more than one purpose in a home office. Hang curtains in front of large bookcases to easily hide cluttered office space after hours. Choose a neutral tone, or wall-toned curtain for a relaxing effect.
  6. Drawer Organization. One of the best ways to keep office clutter to a minimum is utilizing drawer space in a smart way. Choose drawer organizers that fit in place and offer plenty of size options for little office accessories like tacks, clips, and pens.
  7. Contain the Chaos. Focus on establishing one particular area of the home office as a storage zone for books, supplies, and files. This minimizes the chance of office supplies spreading to other rooms of the home.
  8. Control Cords. One of the most common design problems for home office spaces are the unsightly cords that electronic gadgets require. To minimize the presence of cords, use a spool, clips, or grid designed to train cords and minimize their appearance.
  9. Light. For a soft, homey glow, choose a lamp that offers enough wattage for proper lighting, but that flows with the design of the room.
  10. The Chair Says it All. Not only is choosing the right chair important for comfort, the right office chair can enhance the design of a room. When choosing a chair, quality and comfort are worth the cost.

These decorating ideas provide tips for creating a functional office space that is also a reflection of the rest of the home design.

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