Creative Basement Ideas That Are Outside the Box


Basements are part of a home often neglected when redecorating or staging. They are also a huge asset. Stepping outside the box to create an inviting basement space can add value to the home, and can help prospective buyers really picture enjoying the space. Here are 5 creative basement ideas that are outside the box.

  1. Movie Chic – If you want a space perfect for watching movies, forego the usual dark hues and leather. Instead, opt for oversize black-and-white portraits of famous stars to decorate the walls. Use neutral, plush furnishing accented by bright colors to open the space and express your creativity.
  2. Make it Playful – If you have kids, make your basement a family-friendly space. Shelving, baskets/bins for organizing, and playful artwork can make a basement a perfect place for the whole family to create, relax, and use their imagination. It can also showcase a hodge-podge of family interests like music, crafts, or reading.
  3. Groovy Appeal – For a more adult-friendly basement space, think plush velvet furnishings, upholstered ottomans, patterned carpets, and painted ceilings. Studio 54 meets retro chic is a perfect way to create your very own VIP room.
  4. Classic Rock – For a basement space that is both “man cave” and movie room, install LED lighting, classic arcade games, and a large-screen TV. Instead of traditional artwork, display vinyl records or music memorabilia.
  5. Work it Out – Another good option for an empty basement space is showcasing its potential as a fitness room. Adding mirrors to a stretch of wall and an assortment of workout gear to your basement makes good use of the space, and will inspire a healthy lifestyle.

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