6 Tips For Organizing Closets

Tidy up Linen Closets for Guests or Homebuyers

One of the most neglected rooms in any home is the linen closet. Stacks of towels, linens, and other extra supplies often result in clutter and disorganization. Whether you are preparing for the holidays, or are in the process of selling your home, linen closets are an important element for success. Here are our six favorite tips for tidying up linen closets:

1. Keep it Fresh. Even linens that smell fresh and clean immediately after washing can become musty when stored in a closet. To keep linens fresh, and closets appealing, wash linens in storage at least every six months. Use a phosphate-free detergent with a fresh, clean scent.

2. Carry On. Avoid the temptation to fold and stack towels, rags, and linens in a way that is unattractive and inaccessible. Retailers like The Container Store offer many linen-friendly solutions that will organize and identify linens, as well as providing an aesthetic appeal.

3. Be Space Smart. Fold sheets and pillowcases together neatly, and then store them inside one of the pillowcases for easy storage, and easy identification. This alleviates the headache of hunting for the missing pillowcase or sham.

4. Make it Appealing. Add some personality to any linen closet by adding adhesive wallpaper and/or shelf liners. Not only does wallpaper and liners add an aesthetically pleasing personality to linen closets, they also help protect surfaces.

5. Tie it Up. Instead of folding bulky items, roll them up and tie them closed with a ribbon. This eliminates the bulk, and provides an easy way to see and access bulky comforters and blankets without the hassle of folding and stacking.

6. Breathe. Linen closets often smell musty and dull due to being closed up with many items stored within. Avoid a dull smell by adding a sachet in a clean scent like coconut or cotton. Keep sachets changed regularly to keep things fresh. For those in the process of selling their home, make sure the scent is not overwhelming and blends in to the smell of the rest of the home.

While largely overlooked, linen closets deserve attention and care just like any other part of a home. Homebuyers or those staging a home can use any of these tips to refresh dull spaces, de-clutter closets, and add an aesthetically pleasing touch to an otherwise dull area.


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