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Staging A Vacant Home

By June 19, 2011 No Comments

Staging is a valuable marketing tool to help

sell a vacant home!

A Staged Home has an edge over competing properties, and it can often sway a buyer’s final decision.  Sellers who don’t utilize staging as a marketing tool may end up with their vacant house on the market for longer periods of time, and agreeing to a lower selling price. Here are 5 Reasons that sellers should stage a vacant home listed for sale!

1.) Vacant rooms in a home are difficult for buyers to envision how they would look with furniture, décor, rugs and artwork.  They simply just can’t see the potential.

2.) If a room in a home is even remotely odd shaped or sized in an unusual manner, or whose purpose is ambiguous, it will cause buyers to get confused. Its purpose must be adequately defined, and this is best done visually.

3.) A vacant home makes buyers focus on every imperfection. And an older house with outdated fixtures makes a house even more challenging to sell.  Staging a vacant home with tasteful furnishings will distract buyers and minimize the impact of these imperfections.

4.) Vacant rooms actually seem SMALLER than furnished rooms, leaving buyers to wonder whether their furnishings will even fit.  Adding furniture and décor in the right proportion solves this immediately.

5.) Lastly, a vacant home is not warm and inviting. Remember, first impressions count. You want to allow buyers to have an emotional response and establish a personal connection with the home. Sell the dream!

This Article provided by Virtually Staging Properties, the pioneer of virtual staging.  Please review additional virtual home staging tips by clicking Virtual Staging Blog