Give Your Home For Sale A Designer Look!

Numerous homes are currently on the market nationwide.  Everyday potential buyers are previewing properties listed for sale on the internet and viewing hundreds of homes looking for the one that really “wows” them.  Is your home standing out in the sea of competition?  Here are some of our Inside Secrets to Virtual Staging and Home Staging that will transform your house into a luxurious designer looking home that will make potential buyers fall in love with…

Staging Secret #1 – The ideal amount of space between a mirror and the top of the fireplace mantel is about 7″.

Staging Secret #2 – A bed should be about 23″ off the floor at least.  That means a boxspring and matress on a bed frame not on cynder blocks or on the floor!

Staging Secret #3 – Never push furniture up flat against the wall by pulling your seat arrangement in just a few inches – create good traffic flow always when home staging

Staging Secret #4 – Decorative folding screens can change a room.  Place behind a bed for a headborad, use to fill an awkward corner or give some designation between an open living dining room space.

Staging Secret #5 – Don’t let the same fabric in one room of the home be in another room, match matchy is not allowed.  You don’t want it to make a room look too decorator-y.

Staging Secret #6 – Sisal rugs in a natural color are the best ways to make a room look crisp and clean – neutralizing is key in home staging.

Staging Secret #7 – A fabulous art collection may not be in the budget, hang a framed cutting of a colorful piece of fabric, illustration from a book or wallpaper.

These are just a few of our inside secrets to staging a home for sale.  Every property is not perfect but our creative tips and tricks we use can turn any house into an attractive home that looks like the inside pages of a decorating magazine.  Buyers want to see current style furnishings and decor so they are able to envision themselves living in the home.  Sell the dream!  Also check out our home staging tips guide