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5 Best Living Room Furniture Pieces for Staging

By April 24, 2012 No Comments

5 Furniture Pieces That Are Ideal To Makeover Living Room Spaces!

We tend to spend many hours in our living rooms either watching tv or participating in family time.  Living rooms can be small or a combination of a living space and a dining space.  When it comes to home staging or virtual staging this important area of a home can be challenging and buyers need to see the potential of how to layout this space.  Here are 5 Furniture Pieces That Are Quick Fixes to Makeover Living Room Spaces…

1.) Sectional Sofas.  They work well in small spaces because their configuration is interchangeable.  But since it will be the largest piece of furniture in the room, make sure it is well proportioned.  So measure carefully before you buy – see the chart below of average furniture sizes!

2.) Ottomans.  These are so versatile and can be used in large or small living spaces when staging a home for sale.  For example, consider using two small ottomans to substitute a coffee table.  Install casters or wheels that screw into the legs of them and they can be instantly moved around and used as extra seating if necessary.  Some ottomans even have removable tops which are great for extra storage!

3.) Nesting Tables.  They make for perfect end tables and come in threes, a large table, a medium table and a small table.  Not only do they work as a bedside table but they are perfect as side tables.  These tables are flexible furniture pieces that can be grouped together or broken apart no matter what size area in a living room you need to create a cozy space!

4.) Create Your Own Side Table.   When it comes to staging your home sometimes furniture buying may not be in the cards.  Get creative and use old picnic baskets that can stack on top of each other as an end table or a stack of large books.  Another option, is to place a round tabletop over a sturdy bin and voila!  A hidden storage unit is created and can be covered with a neutral textured like table cloth. A quick and easy side table is born!

5.) Bookcases.  These are perfect furniture pieces especially for those large living room and dining room combo floorplans.   Buyers need to see designated rooms and how they can utilize those larger open living spaces when viewing a home for sale.  Bookcases can separate and define a room that needs to serve more than one purpose.  We suggest using open shelving units to keep the space light and airy.  Place colorful vases and small stacks of books in the shelving to create some pop and visual interest!

Living Rooms are an important feature of a home and they must allow for good traffic flow when decorating or staging these spaces.  Keep in mind that “less is more”!  If planning to do some furniture buying to makeover your living space then below is a quick measurement chart for average sizes of basic furnishings.


Sofa 84″ W x 36″L           Chair 36″W x 36″L          Coffee Table 24″W x 48″L        End Table 22″ W x 22″ Deep

Rectangular Dining Table 30″W x 70″L         Round Dining Table 36″, 54″, or 60″ Diameter

Dining Chair 24″W x 28″ Deep                                Wall Unit 60″ W x 20″ Deep