Virtual Staging Software Explained

Virtual Staging Software – Pro’s and Con’s

Where can you purchase Virtual Staging software ?  Is out-of-the-box software capable of producing quality virtual home staging images?

Truth is, even if virtual staging software was available for your MAC or PC, it would not be able to keep up with current furniture styles and home staging and decorating techniques.  It requires a unique skill-set that is learned through training and experience, not purchased via a shrink wrapped package.   While there certainly is an aptitude for style and design that’s required, it’s the training provided to virtual stagers, their innate creativity and trained eye combined with a proprietary process and virtual inventory of real, current furnishings that makes the difference.

The software used, while an important part of the proprietary process, and when used alone, in no way guarantees a realistic, or even reasonable result.  In fact, used in a way that differs even slightly from a proven proprietary process, can yield very poor, unrealistic results, which will do more harm than good in the home sale process.

Many if not most virtual staging upstarts come and go, those that manage to remain viable offer only a CAD (computer aided design) approach as most have found it nearly impossible to execute a virtual staging service using real furnishings –  trading realism for expedience.  So, as a result, these services employ computer generated furnishings that aren’t real, don’t look realistic and would never be mistaken a true depiction of a staged room.  All in hopes that the customer won’t realize there is a much better option – using real furniture.

Many if not all of the CAD furnishing implementations in the marketplace yield a near cartoon-like result which attracts negative attention to the subject property; certainly not the desired interest of a potential buyer to arrange an in person showing.

Virtually Staging Properties is the pioneer of modern virtual staging.  Everyone is curious from the Press to the client and would-be competitors regarding the Patent-Pending process and the techniques and software we employ.  Our virtually staged photos portray an unmatched realism that instantly captures a potential buyer’s attention when viewing vacant photos of a room or home online.

Virtually Staging Properties process and goal is to expand the buyer audience and drive traffic to your vacant home listing by producing truly attractive and realistic staged photos.  Because, as with traditional vacant home staging, the taste, style and ability to execute of the service provider you choose to represent and interpret your home is what differentiates a successful sales tool from an ineffective use of your limited time and financial resources.